Where to find us.

10/10/20 Fall Barn Sale. Only our second event at the barn and it was beyond amazing. With the best of the best vendors and the most wonderful customers and not to mention sunshine and 70 degrees in Oct.

I would be nothing without them. My husband is my rock and never says no My oldest Ryan has more determination than anyone. Cody is my middle kind soul and always working by my side. Gracie is her own spirit animal the truest Capricorn I have ever met. She is fire and ice with angel wings and a gypsy soul.

There is something about old barn beams that is good for the soul. You can always find me at Christmas in the Barn the first Saturday in November

SWG hosts an annual Barn Sale in October with over 30 local makers in one of the oldest barns in the County.

You can find the full line of Dixie Belle paint at the Wizard of Odds In N Jackson Ohio along with over 100 of the best antique dealers and such in the area.

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