One salvaged find at a time.

I started this shop a few years ago as a little side hobby. With three small kids and a full time job I didn't have a ton of extra time. I needed something though. I needed to be building, to be creative. I had so many unfinished projects of my mother's and so much STUFF just sitting around. My mom was a collector of fine things :) When she passed I acquired all of those fine things. I started building, painting and CREATING. My shop is completely random with ONE common thread,  everything is made from salvaged goods. I repaint and repurpose as much as I possibly can. I love to refinish old barn wood and old horseshoes are a favorite. Most from things collected through the years, picked from auctions or here on our farm. I hate to see so many old pieces just tossed to the curb, everything is so disposable these days. I get one wants Great Aunt Ethel's China cabinet. I actually do. Let's paint it....update it. Turn it into a wine cabinet. Face it our generation doesn't have fine China, but we do drink wine. Don't be so fast to throw things away ....they all deserve a second chance or at least a makeover.
Lisa Gray
Salvaged With Grace

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