One salvaged find at a time.

Whether you call it Luck or Grace, Salvaged With Grace was born from the depths of a complicated pregnancy and toxic career. Trying to hold it all together day by day. Desperately searching for hope, I began walking our farm with my boys. Strolling through the clover fields and taking in the calm. It wasn't long after that I noticed extraordinary four-leaf clovers popping up in our path. We found them everywhere, everyday magically appearing almost with purpose. I thought we were finding them, but the truth was, they were finding us. I never knew until then that four-leaf clovers not only represent Faith/ Hope/Love /Luck, but the four-leaf clover also represents The Holy Trinity. The Father, Son, & Holy Spirit and the four leaf is for GODS GRACE.  Summer Days turned to fall, and those ever-present four-leaf clovers were tucked away nestled in between vintage book pages, awaiting their next life. I opened an Etsy shop just one month before our-once thought lost-baby girl was born. Healthy and perfect in every way, we welcomed our baby Grace the day after Christmas. She is the very definition of "God's Grace". 
The next 9 years Salvaged with Grace evolved into searching, salvaging and creating. Auctions and old barns draw me in with the promise of the forgotten, the left behind. The treasure that you couldn't see. Giving it a touch of hope, a glimmer of faith, a whole lotta love and just a little luck at a second chance. I pair vintage with modern and old with new to offer you one-of-a-kind giftware, home decor, repurposed furniture, anything I can breathe new life into. 

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