Reclaimed whiskey barrel stave rain gauge.


This beautiful rain gauge is handmade from an old whisky barrel stave. Decorative and functionable. This piece makes a great addition to your garden or given as a gift. No two are the same. Each piece has unique characteristics. Perfect for spring, summer and fall. Year round if your not from the Northeast.

It is actually a Christmas gift

The middle of the dark whiskey barrel slat had a large piece of wood missing, exposing the light brown wood underneath. The location of the missing section detracts from the appearance. I'm also concerned the exposed wood will not last long in the elements.

I love the rustic look of this rain gauge. I was looking for something that would blend into the garden and be an accent as well as measure rainfall! This whiskey barrel stave rain gauge is perfect.

My mom was so happy with her rain gauge! Shop owner was so sweet and kind when I had questions for her.

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